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Twenty years ago I was introduced to John Bunyon’s groundbreaking novel “Pilgrims Progress”. I soon discovered C.S.Lewis and his Science Fiction Trilogy. His Seminole novel “That Hideous Strength” had a profound effect on me and became a favorite of mine. I spent the next twenty years sifting through hundreds of novels, modern and classic, looking for books like that. I found Tolstoy, McDonald, Chesterton, Parretti, St.Augustine, Josephus, Tolkien and a few others but only a few. It was said that Lewis and Tolkien could not find the books they liked to read so they decided to write them. I’m not a Theologian or a professional writer but I’m taking their advice and I’m writing the books I like to read.

I hope you’ll join me in this adventure as these novels pull back the veil that separates the spiritual and material world’s. Truth and lies, Godly wisdom and worldly wisdom, God’s plan and man’s plan, the vast gulf between Abraham’s bosom and that certain Rich man. Love or hate, peace or strife, Joy or misery, eternal life or eternal death and the choices men make.

Will Hue, 24 April 2018

This Site

This site contains the first chapters of five books and some short short stories I’ve written. They are in various manuscript stages. When I’m finished there will be publish ready e-books, audiobooks and an interactive multimedia app for download.

If you want to share the journey with me, write a comment with you’re e-mail address in it and I will send you update notifications minus annoying ads of course. Otherwise, please comment or write a review then bookmark this page and return often. I hope we can be fellow laborers and I look forward to hearing from you.

I’m breaking all the writing and publishing rules so why stop now. I warmly invite you to buck the system with me.

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